Meditation App - Meditation anywhere, anytime
Meditation App can be used at any place anytime

For those of you, who want to try out meditation for the first time, – Meditation App is one of the best option for you available for you. There are plenty of Meditation Apps currently available. You can gets tons of them in either Google Play Store  for Android Phones or Apple App Store if you are using iPhone or iPad.

There are several people all around the world that are dealing with some kind of emotional variation or in other words stress. These people face daily issues for most of their time due to which they cannot offer proper concentration on their important daily tasks.  Some of them cannot even find where their life is going. These affects their personal, professional and social life. As also the stressful condition can get worse and make them dependent to medicines, drugs, alcohol or other forms of escape.

Meditation apps prove a great solution to such people. These help them a lot to fight with their emotional issues and help them to get back to their normal life.

Well, here we are going to tell you about some of the reason that makes meditation app the best option among all:

1.  Meditation Apps are Free

While most of the teachers or clubs or guide for meditation comes at a price, meditation apps come free. Yes, there are totally free yet good  meditation apps as also most of the paid and subscription based apps have some free features or some free period. For the beginner, our advise is to try out a some of the free apps and see if you can get a hang out of it. 

You can check our site for a collection and review of the most popular meditation apps available today both for Android and IOS phones. There is no connection between a paid meditation app and an effective app – if you are lucky you can easily find and app which helps you to calm down, reduce your stress or provide white noise to relax peacefully.

2.  Meditation App offers freedom and choice 

While a teacher or a club or association will strictly go by a routine and a venue (unless you have a private teacher) a meditation app offers you the freedom to choose you own place and your own time. Frankly speaking , meditation should follow no rules – you are simply to leave everything , every thought behind and enjoy the moment.  With an app, you can always choose that special corner in your house or a park or next to the beach  or any place where you are most comfortable. 

The best part is you can choose your own time as per your daily schedule and even set a target with most of the apps. You can set long duration on weekends and holidays and short durations during busy schedules. Its like a glass of water – you drink more when there is space and in gulps at other times. 

Most of the apps comes with choice of music, natural sounds, white noise and more.  You can even mix and match your own music to create a soundscape with which you feel comfortable and relaxed. Some of the apps comes with guided meditation and even some apps address specific issues like anxiety, depression etc. So unlike a physical teacher where your choices are fixed, with an app you have several options to choose from and then decide on what is best for you.

3.   Meditation App Promotes Emotional Health

As you know that when you are dealing with any kind of psychological issue, you get upset easily and which is bad for emotional health. You can easily get annoyed easily with any matter  which touches your psychological variations. This thing can be too much severe that you can get a feeling to running away to rid of the issue permanently.

While meditation apps help you a lot by promoting your emotional health. When you start using these apps, you get different exercises and activities that help you control your emotional variations which again improves your emotional health.

4.  Reduces Age-Related Memory Loss

With the passage of time, your body gets old due to which most of your body parts lose their functionality either partially or completely. In this way, you become unable to perform some of the tasks that were quite possible for you before. This ageing influences the memory in a  similar way. When you get old, your brain also gets old due to which you start losing your memory which can lead you to complete memory loss after some more time or other memory related diseases.

Meditation apps can also help people in this regard. These apps directly influence your psychology which is again linked to your brain. This simply implies that the activities and exercises being performed by these apps, also benefits some parts of your brain which deals with human’s memory. In this case, when you perform all of those activities and exercise, your brain functions get stronger and you get reduced chances of age-related memory loss.

5.   Meditation App helps Fights Addiction

Emotional stress is a huge factor or we can say that as a disorder that influences human’s a lot. When a person gets into this issue, he or she tries everything that offers him or her relief from that condition, even if it is temporary. This is the reason that most of the people adopt some kind of addiction to deal with their emotional behaviour.

So, when you start practicing using meditation apps, you don’t need any kind of addiction anymore. These apps help you a lot to fight with your emotional behaviours effectively. Additionally, if you are already addicted to some substance but not because of emotional issues, then those could also be avoided because these exercises help improve mental strength due to which you can easily get rid of your addiction on your own.

6. Makes you more disciplined  

Meditation requires commitment. It calls dedicating a duration of time every day to sit down in a noise free environment and let go of everything. It helps you unwind from days pressure in a systematic way, rather your own way  to relieve all forms of stress. The practice of slow breathing and focus itself contributes heavily towards self discipline and as such leads you along the road to mindfulness or in other words happiness and a worry free blissful state. The Meditation Apps available nowadays are rich in various features and domains and you will sure find something suitable and effective for you.

Most of the people who engage in daily practice of meditation leads a disciplined life. A mind at rest also influences our thoughts and life and overall well being. Once you start practicing meditation on a daily basis you will start re-discovering your own self . You will sure find the journey engaging and interesting as you will have much more control on life and daily affairs. 

7. Meditation App helps you control anxiety and stress

One of the primary practice in entering into a meditation session is to keep our mind as blank as possible. This in effect means switching off lights in every room which keeps you engaged or your mind engaged in some form or the other. In the end you are left with a big room with just plain walls and lots of empty space. Its like the mind leaving the body and residing at a higher level from where you can see your own self – but from a distance.  Meditation is a state where you let your worries and thoughts slowly leave you like bubbles floating int he air leaving a pure, unspoilt , void from where you can start afresh. 

So once you see yourself and your problems from a distance you would exactly know how to avoid and ignore them, move away from the darkness towards light for a better tomorrow. Either with some guidance from a meditation app or by yourself, you will learn to live with the moment instead of pondering in the past and introspecting about the future. You will start appreciating the true purpose of your existence and connect with the universe more meaningfully.

So, consider all of these benefits and start using mediation app if you want effective recovery. You can read this article on What to look for in a Meditation App.