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Headspace- App Review

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Headspace offers its users bite-sized guided meditations which will fit the schedules of even the busiest of users. With SOS exercises aimed at offering help during moments of crisis, this app is the ideal option for people who suffer anxiety. The app address work place, commuting modes as also different anxiety areas in day to day life. Users can also track their progress

Headspace- App Review
3.4 / 5 Reviewer
● On-the-go exercises ● Sessions divided on subjects like exercise, focus, and sleep ● Mini meditations for quick mental reset
● Steep price, at $94.99 for annual subscription ● Operational issues experienced by few users
Headspace offers a good, consistent service, but its price is too high to justify purchasing it. At over $12.99 per month, it doesn’t offer enough benefits to justify its price tag. However, bugs need to be addressed for a better user experience.
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