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Mindshift is a free app which is aimed at helping its users achieve perfect mindfulness and deal with their anxiety, stress and sleep problems through the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. You can track your issues like Worry Panic, OCD (Perfectionism), Social Anxiety, Phobias, etc. There are some special cards to and guided relaxation and meditations.

Mindshift App review
2.9 / 5 Reviewer
● Free to use: no fees or subscription needed ● Quick, short cards, quotes and meditation sessions to soothe your mind while on the go ● Healthy habit tips to help enhance the benefits you achieve through meditation
● Some users have informed of repeated bugs that cause the app to freeze from time to time ● The voice is not soothing ● Narration is pretty fast
Mindshift is based on scientifically-proven methods and is offered free of cost to its users. It does freeze now and then, so it can be a struggle to utilize smoothly. Also its mostly focussed on anxiety related issues.
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