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Budhiify is one of the best, most affordable guided meditation apps out there. It has a clean, beautiful design, as well as over 200 meditation sessions with plenty of categories such as travel, sleep, eat and work. Some content for Kids also. Buddhify allows you to practice meditation any time of the day as also to keep track with a solo timer.

Buddhify App Review
3.2 / 5 Reviewer
● Short and long session: Exercises go from 3 to 40 minutes. ● Includes a timer to help you create your own meditation exercises ● Different teachers to choose from: plenty of styles and voices options
● Meditations take some time to download ● Additional Features are only available against subscriptions.
Buddhify is a truly affordable app: For a one-time payment of $3.80, users have access to its entire library of content.
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